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HSAs, Not Obamacare, Holding Down Health Care Costs

COMMENT: Even ObamaGrubers admit that Health Savings Accounts are holding down costs. Imagine that–a free people, getting to save money and control their own health care–freedom works! Too bad the Obama administration wants to shut HSAs down. “HSA plans have … Continue reading

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Actually Making Health Care Affordable, in Real Life

Doing what Obamacare can never do Comment: At OCTS we spend a lot of time showing how awful and silly Obamacare is, how misconceived, and perfectly backwards Obamacare is compared to what America really needs: less government, less interference, more … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Let’s Spend More on Healthcare!

Comment: Hey Bros and Bro-esses, Obamacare makes it easy for everyone to pay outrageous hospital fees! What better way to save money on healthcare? How better to say “chop yer gnarly prices, dude!” than to stuff those hospitals’ mouths with gold from…you guessed … Continue reading

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South Carolina Nurtures Freer Health Care Market

Comment: Like every other thing sold in a free society, letting millions of consumers shop and decide is one of the most powerful ways to pressure providers to reduce medical costs. But, consumers can’t do that if they don’ t … Continue reading

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Eight Ways to OOO (Opt Out of Obamacare) in Style

For people who want to opt out of Obamacare’s over-priced, bloated policies full of features designed to take your money for things you’ll never need, Breitbart News has a great interview with Sean Parnell, author of The Self-Pay Patient. Parnell … Continue reading

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Washington’s Secret Plan to Control Doctors and You

Comment: A small provider of ancillary medical services recently told the Truth Squad that federal bureaucrats showed up at a trade association conference and announced that they want to put all small medical providers out of business. They want all … Continue reading

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