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It’s Official–Your Private Obamacare Data Is For Sale

Comment: Obamacare collects an amazing, unprecedented amount of extremely personal information on you.  And now, by bureaucratic decree, it’s for sale, a basic violation of your (previously) unalienable rights. “Data mining of patient medical records kept by the federal government … Continue reading

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Single-Payer Worship Causes 9,000 Needless Deaths a Year in U.K.

Comment: With 64 million people, the United Kingdom has 1/5th the population of the United States (318 million). 9,000 deaths in their population corresponds to five times as many–45,000 excess annual deaths–in a population as large as the U.S.A.’s. Question: … Continue reading

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Serfs, Meet Your New Obamacare Tax Forms

New tax forms: Obamacare in real life, in your face, and in your business. BEHOLD THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE IN ALL ITS GLORY! Courtesy of Chief Justice ‘It’s Not a Tax, It IS a tax’ Roberts (OCTS original reporting) Below, newly … Continue reading

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Privacy at healthcare.gov: NONE.

Do you object to the NSA tracking your movements, phone calls, e-mails, texts, and purchases on the internet? Well, Obamacare is worse.  Far worse.  Obamacare collects a great deal more specific, personal, private information about you.  In fact it requires … Continue reading

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