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U.K. Mulls Cutting Junior Doctors Below Fast-Food Wage Levels

Comment: Many doctors think they want single-payer. Think again. It will turn you into a government slug when you could be making more money flipping burgers, as this story from the U.K. shows. “Just this morning, Express.co.uk learned that THREE-QUARTERS … Continue reading

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Britain’s Government Care, Canceling Surgeries

Comment: Canceling operations for cancer patients. Chaos in emergency rooms.  Government “takes social care away from older people and makes it harder to see a GP.”  “Operation waiting lists.”  It’s “not working.” We couldn’t have said it better. Shafi Ahmed … Continue reading

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Single-Payer Health Breakthrough: Eliminate Paperclips!

Comment: Folks, they can’t even use paperclips without hurting themselves. Do we really want these idiots picking our health care? “Manchester NHS Trust officials made the decision to stop the use of the metal stationary item after a member of … Continue reading

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