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UPDATE – Partial Repeal is the Wrong Way to Go

The Truth Squad has talked it over and decided we should go out of business the minute a repeal bill is signed.  Our role in all this has been to bring you all the bad news about Obamacare every day … Continue reading

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Keep Guaranteed Issue – Are You Kidding?

Obamacare is Dead, Long Live Obamacare! President-elect Trump has signaled that he may propose keeping guaranteed issue for people with preexisting conditions and the Obamacare provision allowing ‘adult children’ to stay on their parents’ plan to age 26.  This is … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Of Insurer Subsidies and Pole-vaulting In

I start tonight with insurer subsidies, move on to some comments about the GOP, and finish up with answers to two rhetorical challenges. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, “We’ll go through the gate. If the gate’s closed, we’ll go over … Continue reading

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The Citizen’s Guide to Obamacare, Gruber edition

One of Obamacare’s Chief Masterminds Describes the Plan, His Presentation Captured and Rendered Onto Paper for Public Discussion OCTS original reporting Dec. 2, 2014 In a series of presentations circa 2012, Professor Jonathan Gruber traveled America promoting his creation, Obamacare, … Continue reading

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Fed Surveys: Obamacare Has Employers Cutting Jobs, Hours, Outsourcing, Raising Prices

Comment: an absolutely devastating, real-world indictment of the unAffordable unCaring Act of 2010. “In a Philadelphia Fed survey of regional manufacturers out Thursday, 18% said they employ fewer workers due to the Affordable Care Act than they would in its … Continue reading

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Obamacare Makes Cost-Shifting Fun!

Comment: Obamacare(tm) supporters insisted Obamacare’s(tm) magic was needed to end “cost-shifting” (that’s when uninsured people get care, and the public gets stuck with their bill).  But, their health-control-plus-horrible-website law makes it easier than ever to shift your costs onto Obamacare(tm) … Continue reading

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AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

Comment: “A lot of people think, ‘I’ve got pretty good health insurance’, until they get sick.”  –President Barack Obama “Hundreds of people with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana trying to obtain coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform are in danger of … Continue reading

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Real People, Real Suffering – Mr. President, YOU Did This

“I suffer from a difficult chronic illness called lupus, an autoimmune disease with devastating symptoms [...] my life is filled with visits to doctors, specialists and the emergency room. While paying for this care is expensive, I have no other … Continue reading

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Life Under Obamacare: Cancer-stricken Senator Loses Oncologist

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period” — President Barack Obama, 6/15/2009 “Cancer-stricken Sen. Tom Coburn revealed Tuesday that his health insurance under Obamacare doesn’t cover his oncologist, ” [...] “The Oklahoma Republican’s spokesman confirmed to … Continue reading

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The Coming Failure of the Obamacare Subsidies

[…] “…the notion that the subsidies will never stop, or that they are figuratively heroin-like in nature, is false.” “…For the healthy, the subsidies are… a month-by-month financial pain inflicting mandate forcing millions of Americans to buy a product they … Continue reading

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