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Employers Looking for Ways Out of Obamacare

Comment: Large employers may have found a loophole to escape Obamacare’s draconian requirements. So-called ‘skinny’ plans cover only what Obamacare requires in the way of screenings and preventive services, but strip away hospitalization and everything else typically thought of as … Continue reading

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Women’s Services to Get Hit

“the US Preventive Services Task Force, will evaluate preventive health services… and decide which benefits must be part of the coverage…” “What health benefits are likely to be nixed from insurance coverage? Well, look at all of the things that … Continue reading

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Doctor: U.S. Panel Has Final Say on All Preventive Services

“Historically, the USPTFS [U.S. Preventive Task Force Services] has periodically reviewed studies concerning various preventive medical services, and made recommendations regarding those services.” “Obamacare elevates the role of the USPTFS from a non-binding opinion by a panel of generalists, to … Continue reading

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