Repeal Obamacare In Pieces

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), a staunch conservative and a doctor, said Thursday there’s no real point in another House vote on repealing President Obama’s healthcare law, but he said Republicans will still target specific provisions.

“…the healthcare law… isn’t going anywhere with Obama still in the White House.”

“Gingrey…said he still thinks the law is bad policy, but acknowledged that full repeal is politically out of reach.”

“…Gingrey… said. “I think we should concentrate our efforts on trying to repeal the most egregious parts.”’

“He cited the law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)…”

“Gingrey also singled out cuts in hospital payments and the tax on medical devices…”

“The dreaded, perennial “doc fix” is among the headaches facing lawmakers…  Doctors are set to see a nearly 30 percent cut in their Medicare payments…”

‘“I think the public needs to understand what kind of shenanigans, if you will, go on behind closed doors…”

Rep. Gingrey: ‘Pointless’ to vote again on full ‘ObamaCare’ repeal
By Sam Baker – 11/15/12

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