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The failed Oregon exchange has the right to die. We’ll pay for euthanizing it.

The failed Maryland exchange had a duty to die.  It wasn’t sustainable.

CRS memo questions legality of Obama’s unilateral OK’ing of subsidies to off-exchange plans.

Pro-#Obamacare politicians taking money from special interests tied to health insurers.

Insured in name only. NJ docs slam door on #ACA enrollees. Ebony writer suffers 96 rejections.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society says #Obamacare making specialty drugs more expensive “for the sickest patients.”

Class action filed against Nevada exchange for failure to cover enrollees who paid premiums, 10,500 may be affected.

Medicare Advantage cuts nixed after Dems, worried about elections, complain.

Medicaid take-up only 10% of Administration boasts.

Judicial Watch Sues Treasury for Records about Unlawful, Unilateral Delay of “Employer Mandate”

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