Watch for Obamacare Scams and Frauds Next Year

Comment: Predictably, we will see these scams resurface in future enrollment cycles.

“scammers have set up bogus Web sites intended to look like the law’s new health insurance exchanges, where individuals and small business owners will be allowed to shop for coverage starting on Oct. 1.”

“In threatening e-mails and phone calls, sometimes masquerading as government officials, some scam artists have offered to help individuals avoid tax penalties by signing them up for plans that meet the federal requirements.”

“In Maryland, scam artists have started calling residents claiming they need to verify Medicare ID and Social Security numbers for purposes associated with the health law ….”

“In New York and Florida, meanwhile, scammers have been traveling door-to-door, asking whether individuals currently have health insurance. If not, some individuals have reportedly been threatened with prison time if they do not sign up for coverage on the spot ….”

Using Obamacare as bait, scam artists target consumers and business owners
J.D. Harrison
Washington Post
September 10, 2013

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