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Comrades, let’s congratulate ourselves. The peasants are buying their bread at our monopoly state stores.  What an achievement!

Blahous: federal government has no viable plan to finance #Obamacare

Jessica Sanford is without ins b/c premiums triple original quote. President bragged 11/13 she showed #ACA working.

Report Finds $1,538 Average Cut For Each Senior In Medicare Advantage Since #ACA.

New data: Number of workers just above 30hrs/wk declines 10%, just below rises 9% in 1st quarter.

The 3.5% #Obamacare exchange fee is more than the insurers’ ‘outrageous’ profits used to be (2%).

Foreign contractors handle Medicaid data work for 11 states; records hacked, safeguards lacking.

Thief’s info could end up on your record, e.g., wrong blood type or allergies could be life-threatening.

Arkansas ‘private option’ Medicaid expansion already showing cost overruns. State on the hook, services at risk.

#Obamacare an insidious, deliberate Dependency Machine. Triple cost of ins w/coverage mandates, then say ‘we’ll help you’

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