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38 GOP lawmakers join Sen. Ron Johnson suit against lawless congressional subsidies

#ACA spawns foreseeable drug treatment crisis, facilities closing fast. HHS fails to give heads-up.

Survey: 45% of small-business owners had to curb their hiring plans due to #ACA, 29% forced to make staff cuts

Failure of essential purpose: latest CBO report says 31 million will still be uninsured in 10 years.

Half of Georgia enrollees fail to make monthly payment (exceeding common 15-20% estimate)

Unhappy policyholders generally no longer free to switch plans until next sign-up period.

Colorado exchange overreach: asks for fee on off-exchange policies, $190K CEO wants raise despite low enrollment.

Hamster Wheel – 11-minute doctor appointments, no time to listen, reducing doctors to pill-pushers

Potemkin Healthcare – patients trudge back to free clinic after can’t find docs under #ACA plans.

#ACA vending machine rule to cost $25M to start, 14M hours annually. No provable benefit.

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