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REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES: Turning Our Backs On Our Patients

By a practicing General Surgeon in the U.S.  The Inanity of Electronic Health Records I wasn’t one of those who wanted to become a physician from a young age. But when later in life my career path led me to … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tweets of the Week

Follow us @ObamacreTrthSqd Now tweeting links Tibetan proverb sums up #Obamacare: Beware of honey offered on a sharp knife. 46M, 46M, 46M uninsured. That’s all we heard. So where are they? Stayed away in droves. Mr. Obama, we don’t want … Continue reading

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U.K. Single-Payer Nightmare: Desperate Man Amputates Own Hand

Comment: 16 years of inhuman suffering, ignored by his country’s system, drove this man to desperate measures. Equally tragic, even his desperate measures didn’t bring him relief.  Is this what you want America? “A man tried to end years of … Continue reading

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Fetal Remains Incinerated With the Trash in UK Hospitals

“British health officials are responding to a news program’s report that accuses some hospitals of incinerating aborted and miscarried fetuses, in some cases as part of a system for heating the facilities….” “…10 National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts have … Continue reading

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Goodwin: Ukraine Invasion is Obamacare Economy’s Chickens Coming Home

Comment: As America lays ill with Obamacare sapping her will and economy, her enemies? Emboldened. “Today’s quiz: What do Vladimir Putin’s aggression and ObamaCare’s troubles have in common? OK, that was too easy.” “It is impossible to dismiss as mere … Continue reading

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Obamacare Signups: Eighty Percent Moochers

Comment: Obamacare divides America into moochers and losers. Subsidies are for moochers. If you’re not getting one you’re a loser, paying for those who aren’t. Question: if it’s “affordable,” why do eighty percent need subsidies? “Monday is the deadline to … Continue reading

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