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Our story last week – “Lying Congress-Weasels Illegally Obtain Obamacare Small Business Benefits” – set the stage:  Obamacare supporters lied about everything and they’re still lying.

Obama’s lies about #ACA’s ‘$1,800 tax cut’ get Two Pinocchios from WaPo

Senate committee ‘#ACA will add to deficit’ report credible given shaky revenues and fantasyland ‘savings’ [LIE: ‘Obamacare will reduce the deficit’]

Shaheen shamelessly repeats Democrat lie #Obamacare did not cut Medicare (it did, by $716B)

If Dems want to ‘fix’ #Obamacare, why did the Senate adjourn without considering House bills?

Cost estimates for Medicare and DSH low-balled true expense by factors of 9 and 17 to 1.

Docs unhappy with #ACA: 46% grade it ‘D’ or ‘F’, 44% cutting services (another #ACA lie – ‘will improve access’)

“#ObamaCare is a fantastic example of how abject failure can be portrayed as success, provided the costs are completely ignored.”

Minnesota’s biggest insurer catapults rates 63%; misrepresent by announcing 4.5% increase?

$30 billion later, feds say they need 10 YRS to fix EHRs (and u want more gov’t in your life? Why?)

7 million people have had plans cancelled (7M down, 86M to go – how do you lie to 93 million people?)

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