$840 Million More for Pigs at the Trough

Comment:  Obamacare is about to bring us more Oversized-Government central planning in action. One critic has noted that the way this is being done favors established players, which makes this program a dream come true for old-line cronies.

Would this be funded if there were no deficit spending and the government had to live within its means?

HHS announced that it will provide up to $840 million over four years to improve care quality and efficiency and share best practices among providers….”

“The goal of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is to help providers identify ways of improving quality of care and quickly spread those findings across the U.S. health system through the creation of physician networks….”

“HHS said strategies to improve quality of care and reduce costs under the initiative could include:

  • Expanding the use of electronic health records;
  • Enhancing care coordination among providers; and
  • Increasing opportunities for patients to communicate with their physicians….”

HHS Announces $840M Initiative To Improve Care, Reduce Costs

October 24, 2014



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