Paying More, But Getting Less

Comment: Synopsis–health care spending rose significantly thanks to Obamacare even though Americans used fewer services.

OCTS notes that We the People were told Obamacare was needed for legions of underserved people to finally get needed care. Since total use went down, we can only conclude that either those people did not have a pent-up need for medical care, or Obamacare hasn’t allowed them to get it.

Either way, we rate this “promise broken,” and costs are soaring, another promise broken.

“If you went to the doctor less or used fewer prescription drugs last year, but were surprised to learn that your health-care spending still went up, you’re not alone.”

“Spending per enrollee in employer-sponsored health plans—in other words, most Americans—grew an average of 3.9 percent in 2013, despite the fact that people were using less medical services overall, a new report out Tuesday reveals.”

“The relatively moderate growth for health-care costs would have been more dramatic if people with employer-based insurance had used the same amount or even more such services than they did last year.

We’re using less health care—but it’s costing more
by Dan Mangan, Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014

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