Thanks For the Premium, No Doctor Will See You Now.

Comment: Congratulations!  You forked over enough in Obamacare premiums to buy a goldmine, but your doctor’s getting the shaft. It’s no wonder Americans all over are hearing “The doctor won’t see you now.”

“Over 214,000 doctors won’t participate in the new plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) analysis of a new survey by Medical Group Management Association shows. That number of 214,524, estimated by American Action Forum, is through May 2014, but appears to be growing due to plans that force doctors to take on burdensome costs. It’s also about a quarter of the total number of 893,851 active professional physicians reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

“In January, an estimated 70% of California’s physicians were not participating in Covered California plans.”

“Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Reimbursements under Obamacare are at bottom-dollar – they are even lower than Medicare reimbursements, which are already significantly below market rates. “It is estimated that where private plans pay $1.00 for a service, Medicare pays $0.80, and ACA exchange plans are now paying about $0.60,” a study by the think-tank American Action Forum finds.

Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges
October 28, 2014, By Barbara Boland

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