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Here are some ways Obamacare is making life worse. What happened to First, Do No Harm?

Survey: over 214,000 docs won’t accept #ACA plans (this is Patient Protection?)

NJ employer health care costs rose by as much as 24% in first year of #Obamacare.

Mass state officials accused of lying to feds re website progress to keep federal funds.

EHR auto-fill function can malfunction (hip or spine surgery – what difference at this point does it make?)

Hack attacks up 400% – a prime target, but we might not be told of future #databreach

We make your doctor spy on you
to protect your privacy.
#TrustGovernment  #ObamaCareZen

Millions of Americans likely to lose health plans in coming months

“I consider my ACA plan as catastrophic care insurance—for routine care, I pay my doctors out-of-pocket“

Providers charging room, activation, and other new fees to make up for lower #ACA reimbursements

#ACA-favored hospitals’ infection rate: 4%, 75,000 die each year. Dr-owned hospitals’ rate: 0.1%

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