Bad News: ACA Price Increases Outta Sight

Obamacare supporters’ latest entry in the ‘Lie of the Year’ contest: ‘It’s Trump that made Obamacare prices go up.’ Nice try. They’ll say anything to keep this national disaster in place.

Not a single price hike below the rate of inflation.

Maryland Obamacare price increases range from 9-53%

Oregon Obamacare price increases average 17%

Average New York Obamacare price increase 16.6%

Connecticut Obamacare insurers seek 15-34% premium increases

Virginia Obamacare price hikes as high as 179%

“Obamacare: 49-percent price hike since 2014”

Beverly Gossage‏ @bghsa 19h19 hours ago
Chart comparing health ins premium progression from 2009 to 2016 … #Repeal @IWV @ObamacreTrthSqd @SenPatRoberts

Obamacare supporters pretend ACA working fine before Nov election and insurers are to blame for latest price hikes. Good luck with that.

Bill comes due for California Medicaid: $1.3B first year. ‘Won’t be easy to make up….’ #ThePartyIsOver

Bill coming due for Kasich’s kalamitous Medicaid expansion in Ohio; state on hook for $4-14B over next 8 yrs

Arkansas confesses error: Medicaid expansion unsustainable. Kicks 60,000 off program, impose work requirement

$1.6 billion budget shortfall forces discussion of Medicaid expansion retrenchment in Oregon.

Consumers can buy ACA plans directly from brokers and insurers w/o having to go to Train Wreck Central

Small businesses can buy ACA plans directly from insurers, skip Obamacare marketplace. #ItsNotWorking

“My husband would’ve died with Obamacare”

Barbaric ACA supporter tries to run GOP lawmaker off road, praised by other barbarians.

Aetna withdraws from Obamacare completely.


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