Bad News: Fiddling While Rome Burns

Magical thinking: CBO score once again relies on individual mandate to herd people into Obamacare.

Fake news: ‘CBO: 23M to lose coverage under GOP bill’. No, large bulk not currently covered.

HHS: cost of individual health insurance has doubled on average since 2013

Alabama hardest hit by ACA price increases – up 223% 2013-2017, more than twice national average

‘The average family will save $2,500’. Remember that one? That was a good one.  #StrategicLying #WheresMy2500

Price increases in New Hampshire: ACA ‘obviously failing working people, doing far more harm than good.’

BCBS-Kansas City flees ACA exchanges after losing $110M; 25 Missouri counties have no ACA insurer.

Insurer leaves Idaho exchange

Consumers can buy ACA plans directly from brokers and insurers w/o having to go to Train Wreck Central

What if they gave a train wreck and nobody came? How many billions of dollars have been wasted on Obamacare catastrophe?

Rand Paul: “big-hearted, small-brain syndrome” – worse off if destroy country by helping people

Oregon Medicaid pays out millions to people it has no idea whether they’re eligible.

Louisiana train wreck coming; Medicaid expansion population now 428,000, blew past 375,000 projection.$368m.html


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