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The Third Way: Free Market Medicine

(OCTS Original Commentary) Republicans of various stripes have been pushing a number of comprehensive alternatives to Obamacare (universal tax credits, etc.). While it is tempting to say that anything would be better than the miscreant ACA, we don’t want our … Continue reading

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Obamacare Architect Runs for Office on Anti-Obamneycare Platform

Comment: Massachusetts’ 66-page “Romneycare” plan has been widely cited by Democrats and the President as their prototype for (and essentially the same as) Obamacare’s 2,700 pages.  Candidate Donald Berwick’s (Obamacare architect, former Obamacare official, and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate) website  recounts … Continue reading

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More Lies: ‘Obamacare is Slowing Down Medical Costs’

“White House advisor David Cutler’s op-ed published November 8 in the Washington Post, entitled, “The health care law’s success story: slowing down medical costs.” This piece contains the following paragraph: “Before he was criticized for his statements about insurance continuity, … Continue reading

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The News Keeps On Coming and It’s All Bad – You Can’t Keep Your Plan

Comment:  The Truth Squad knew Obamacare was going to be a disaster in every possible way.  And so it is.  Reports of problems are showing up everywhere.  Obamacare has caused as many as 16 million people to lose their plans. … Continue reading

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White House’s Valerie Jarrett Disingenuous – You Can’t Keep Your Plan

[Reprinted with kind permission of Doug Badger] Valerie Jarrett last night sent the following tweet: “FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.” Jarrett’s tweet signals that the … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett: Obamacare Wrong Way to Go, Attack Costs First

[…] “…it is possible that expectations of failure will prove to be wrong–that the public will learn to stop worrying and love ObamaCare.” “Is it likely? Warren Buffett doesn’t think so, as MoneyMorning.com reports:” “Healthcare costs in the United States are like … Continue reading

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