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Take Back Our Healthcare!

This is a true story of how Obamacare torpedoes the dignity and self-sufficiency of ordinary Americans. It robs people of their freedom and their individual sovereignty, pillars of the American Idea. We are not state property – TAKE BACK OUR … Continue reading

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(Yes We Can!) Total CT SHOP Enrollment–78 Small Businesses

Comment: You just can’t make this stuff up… “Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange, drew national praise for its performance in enrolling more than 208,000 individuals” [...] “As of April 8, it had sold plans to 78 businesses, … Continue reading

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ACA–The Uninsured Aren’t Buying It

Comment: Was it all for nothing? Did the people who couldn’t make a website in three-and-a-half years just turn American healthcare upside down, cut the choices, increase cost, and take it over for nothing? The whole reason given for the … Continue reading

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74% of small businesses will fire workers, cut hours under Obamacare

Comment: Nancy Pelosi said you would be able to become a violinist, an artist, or an actor thanks to Obamacare. Well, you’ll certainly have more time for these pursuits once you lose your hours or your job that actually paid the bills … Continue reading

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About Those Rebates, Less than Meets the Eye

President Obama recently made a big deal about how his signature law – which many now call the worst law in U.S. history – is forcing insurance companies to rebate money to policyholders. Sounds great, until you scratch the surface. … Continue reading

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