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Close Encounters with Single Payer Healthcare in Western Europe

By Laure Fergy March 2019 In President Obama’s weekly address on June 6, 2009 he famously said, concerning Obamacare: “If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor…” I personally believe that the former President was mocking … Continue reading

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UPDATED Obamacare Endgame: 20 Hospital Systems Leading to Single-Payer

by Tom Barilovits The Obamacare endgame is to consolidate hospitals locally, then regionally and nationally into 20 massive systems across the U.S., each with around 250 hospitals and thousands of clinics. Why? Because it’s easier to nationalize twenty hospitals into … Continue reading

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Where Are We After the King Case?

We cannot depend on the Supreme Court to save us from Obamacare. This is why the Truth Squad doesn’t hold out much hope for the origination case that is still working its way through the courts. The Truth Squad believes … Continue reading

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The Third Way: Free Market Medicine

(OCTS Original Commentary) Republicans of various stripes have been pushing a number of comprehensive alternatives to Obamacare (universal tax credits, etc.). While it is tempting to say that anything would be better than the miscreant ACA, we don’t want our … Continue reading

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Shattered Lives: Detailing the Horrors of Government-run Health Care

[…] “In this book are documented stories from Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, Australia and elsewhere – countries in which citizens literally die waiting for health services. Among other horrifying takes, you will cringe over tales of expectant … Continue reading

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Belgium: Legislation to Lift All Age Restrictions for Euthanizing Children

Comment: Do you really think that 5-year olds who have not even reached the age of reason can make good decisions, or will be able to withstand pressure from doctors and nurses who want to kill them? And if you’re … Continue reading

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