Another Hope-n-Changer Hits the Brick Wall of Disappointment

Comment: New slogan?  “If you like your pain and suffering, you can keep it!
Quality, affordable health care not included.”

“Before one month had gone by, I realized the painful truth. Instead of the promised access to effective, affordable care, I encountered roadblock after roadblock.”

“It feels like a cruel trick. With the health conditions I face, my $176 monthly premium for a silver exchange plan is like a dream come true. Previously, after multiple denials, I had to make do with a high-deductible, $476 per month plan. But the level of care I received for a lower rate turned out to be a nightmare.”

“Only one brand-name drug can keep my pain at bay. Under Obamacare, I couldn’t simply refill my regular prescription, though. Instead the drug had to be pre-authorized, and ultimately my exchange plan insurer denied coverage for the drug, which costs $400 per month without insurance or discounts.”

My Obamacare agony
By Priya Abraham, June 10, 2014

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