Minnesota Exchange Crumbling: “This is a real emergency situation.”

Obamacare is sinking in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

“The state agreed to rate increases that range from an average of 50 percent to as much as 67 percent while also instituting other, extraordinary last-minute measures, said Rothman, who added that changes in state law are still needed to stave off a market collapse.”

“”We all were faced with the prospect that there would be nothing available. Nothing,” Rothman said while announcing the finalized health care premium increases. “Everyone needs to hear the sirens and the red lights.”"

“It’s a dramatic reversal for the state, where just three years ago state officials touted the lowest health insurance rates in the nation as the heart of President Barack Obama’s health care law took hold.”

Nice schadenfreude. Small correction:  ”…as President Barack Obama’s health scarcity law seized hold of American health care’s heart.”  There, OCTS FIFY (fixed it for you). (You’re welcome.)

Minnesota Regulator: Health Insurance Market in Dire Situation
September 30, 2016 08:24 PM

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