Getting Ahead of the Single-Payer Crowd (top tweets)

You know at some point the fight will be joined over single-payer. It’s been the dream of the Left for a century and the Left never quits. The Truth Squad is collecting stories from all over the world demonstrating why single-payer is a VERY BAD IDEA.  So, when the fight comes, we will have thousands of stories at the ready, thousands of very tall mountains the single-payer crowd will have to jump over.  We tweet these stories most Mondays at 10 a.m.  Here is the latest batch:

Welcome to #SinglePayer Monday! Most M ondays 10 a.m. ET. Moo!

Phoenix VA made $12.4 million in improper payments, pressured employee to award no-bid contract

VA so incompetent it can’t even use money appropriated to refer vets to outside care

Admin costs more than doubled under ACA, undercutting key #SinglePayer argument (‘save admin costs’)

#SinglePayer = price controls, rationing, stagnation. Why sign up for substandard government healthcare?

French and British #SinglePayer systems in decline, not ready for the future.

Most of the profit in healthcare is in pharma & device makers, not insurers. #SinglePayer won’t change that.

Bernie Sanders will not re-introduce his #SinglePayer bill for political reasons.  #Hypocrite

UK #SinglePayer NHS being scammed by sick foreigners who land, lap up services, and leave

Junior docs leaving UK #SinglePayer training program en masse.

UK #SinglePayer hospital out of money, postpones routine surgery until April

UK cancer patients increasingly turning to crowdfunding to make up for deficiencies in NHS #SinglePayer treatment

Endpoint of #SinglePayer – crowdfunding.

UK NHS #SinglePayer hospital docs send coded emails (‘going for a cappuccino’) to arrange romps with staff

Peruvian #SinglePayer doc caught on film ‘rubbing his genitals on sleeping patient’s face’

Nearly 100 mental patients die after South African government moves them to unlicensed ‘concentration camps’

Pakistan #SinglePayer drug regulator loses power after multiple scandals; functions shifted to provinces.

Australia #SinglePayer hospital gives faulty hepatitis B vaccine to at least 282 babies

Utopian Socialists believed socialism would turn oceans into lemonade. Now supporters think #SinglePayer will be lemonade & cookies for all.





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