Promise Made, Promises Broken (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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Number insured under Obamacare barely budges – 11 million latest count.  This is hardly the 21 million we were promised.  Obamacare has failed utterly and completely to deliver on its promises. #KeepYourDoctor #KeepYourPlan #WheresMy2500

Connecticut Obamacare insurers seeking rate hikes up to 9.9 percent. #NotWhatWeWerePromised #WheresMy2500

Essence of Obamacare: The government has to pay for people’s healthcare so the government doesn’t have to pay for people’s healthcare.  Sure, that makes a lot of sense.

Good luck, Oklahoma, you’re going to need it.  The Medicaid expansion you just voted for will cost you $200 million a year to start and you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it (just like Idaho).  State lawmakers are alrready scrambling to cut the budget to pay for this mess.

‘Idaho’s Medicaid expansion by referendum was an act of selflessness’ – are you kidding?  Idaho still doesn’t know how they’re going to pay for it.  More magical thinking from the #UtopianLeft

Will Missouri march off a cliff, too?  Medicaid expansion referndum set for August 4th:

Temporary boost in federal funding for base Medicaid program won’t save states from budget shortfalls – day of reckoning coming

Medicaid enrollment pandemic tidal wave coming; no extra funding for Medicaid expansion, so expansion states will be hardest hit  (p. 14)

Medicaid expansion states crying and moaning for more federal money in wake of COVID crisis. NO!  They foolishly expanded Medicaid beyond a poverty program into a middle-class entitlement and no one else should have to pay for their bad decisions.

COVID to increase Medicaid spending by half a trillion dollars. #Unsustainable

Virginia’s Medicaid expansion enrollment has exceeded projections ever since December 2019 and is still rising – 400K max projected, versus 441K now (up 10,000 from 4 weeks ago). #Unsustainable

Arizona Medicaid enrollment hits record high to 27 percent of the state’s population; further increases expected.  #Unsustainable

COVID to swell Colorado Medicaid rolls by 500,000, 200,000 of whom are expected to remain after crisis eases. #Unsustainable

Medicaid expansion enrollment climbing in Montana. #Unsustainable

Medicaid expansion decreases life expectancy – “average life expectancy decreased more rapidly in states that expanded their Medicaid coverage than in non-expansion states” (p. 14)

The feds recovered almost $3.6 billion in healthcare fraud dollars last year. More gubmint, please!

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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