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Get Your Bumper Sticker Here

Courtesy of Virginians for Quality Healthcare Camera-ready – just copy and take it to your printing vendor. A VERY popular item in Virginia. Thank you VQH!  

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Take a Vacation from Obamacare and Save a Bundle

You can free-ride uninsured for two months each year with little risk and no penalty. There’s no individual mandate penalty for being uninsured if it’s for less than two months.  So cancel it every year for two months, and save … Continue reading

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Obamacare Enrollment Is Half of 2016 Projection

Comment: Americans aren’t signing up.  “President Obama if you like your plan, YOU keep it.” –citizens of the United States “President Obama will need to more than double the number of Americans enrolled in Obamacare exchange plans to reach 21 … Continue reading

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Legalize Catastrophic Insurance

OCTS opinion – July 7, 2015 Legalize Catastrophic Insurance We all know Obamacare was passed hastily, with many flaws. One of the selling points was protecting people against catastrophic medical expenses. In practice, however, the law’s gold-plated coverage of trivial … Continue reading

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Poll: Obamacare Hits All-Time Low

Comment: Americans still want to help people who are truly in need–we all want that–but even the unACA Booster Club’s life-time members over at ABC and the Washington Post have had to admit that the Intolerable Act is getting even … Continue reading

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Florida Protests Obamacare’s Iron Fist in Federal Court

Comment: The Obamacare Administration is using Florida’s poor and truly needy as hostages, in an appalling effort to force Florida into swallowing another bucket-load of Obamacare.  If you ever wondered whether Obamacare was really about caring for people, this should … Continue reading

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Obamacare Exchanges’ Brutal Collapse

Comment: The ordinary, healthy people Obamacare exchanges need to work aren’t buying.  “Exchanges” that were sold as spurring competition, lowering costs, and helping Americans in general connect with better, more affordable insurance, are instead already collapsing into a giant new … Continue reading

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Washington State Extends OMandateCare Deadline

Comment: In this absurd brave new Obamacare world, where inferior, over-priced  insurance is mandatory and enforced with threats–taxes, stern warnings and a deadline–legions of eligible free-thinking Americans literally aren’t buying it. This brings about a comical circumstance–our would-be health masters  … Continue reading

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SHOP Flop – Small Businesses Flee Obamacare’s Early Enslavement Period

Comment: a) Small businesses stayed away from Obamacare’s SHOP program’s enrollment in droves, avoiding the government’s new phony ‘market’.  b) Isn’t it stunning (no, scary) that now, five months later, these federal Pinocchios still won’t (or can’t) tell us how … Continue reading

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Individual Mandate Waivers? Yes We Can!

Administration Unlawfully Cancels Mandate for People with Cancelled Plans Comment:  Mandates, fees, fines, and penaltaxes(tm) gotcha down?  Don’t worry, there’s a Hope-n-Change waiver for that. Hypocrisy Alert: This administration told the Supreme Court their individual mandate was essential.  Now they’re … Continue reading

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