(KY, IL) Even MORE Insurers Flee Obamacare

Baptist Health Plan to halt individual insurance in Kentucky
by Adam Beam, Associated Press Updated 1:05 pm, Monday, October 3, 2016

“Kentucky’s fourth-largest health insurer says it will stop selling individual plans in the state next year, prompting another round of finger-pointing between a pair of feuding governors over the merits of President Obama’s federal health care law.”

“The decision by Baptist Health Plan means about 7,000 people will have to find a new insurance provider next year. And it means nearly half of the state’s 120 counties will have just one company selling plans on the state’s new federally operated health insurance exchange.”

“In a letter to the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Baptist Health Plan President James S. Fritz said blamed the federal Affordable Care Act for making the company’s individual products “unsustainable.” Company spokeswoman Jessica Kearney also blamed “changes in the market,” including the exit of Aetna and the Kentucky Health Cooperative, which folded last year.”


UnitedHealthcare subsidiary Harken to leave ACA state exchange — 6 key notes
Written by Mary Rechtoris | October 03, 2016

“Harken, a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary, is leaving the Affordable Care Act exchange in Illinois next year, according to Chicago Tribune.

Here are six key notes:

1. Other leading payers including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Land of Lincoln will also not offer consumers coverage on the state exchange in 2017.

2. Illinois Department of Insurance data found Harken’s exit leaves Cook County residents with three payer options in 2017. Harken had previously stated it would only offer individual exchange plans in Cook County next year in Illinois regions.”

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