‘Half the Coverage, Twice the Price’ (top tweets from Obamacare Truth Squad)

Let’s continue riffing on Bill Clinton, shall we? The head of the Clinton crime family said people under Obamacare have had their “premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.” Incredible shrinking coverage and escalating costs – what’s not to like?

Minnesota Governor, former true believer, now says ACA “no longer affordable”, has “serious deficiencies”

#RealPeopleRealPain – patient w/heart condition socked w/huge deductible and premium, insurance worthless

#PremiumPain #67 – “Obamacare premiums jump 16% in Wisconsin”

Bill Clinton is right: the unsubsidized are getting smashed by Obamacare

Most doctors say Obamacare has hurt quality and cost, and must be repealed

#TBT – Gruber: ‘we know for sure the bill will lower [unsubsidized] cost of buying non-group health insurance’

Michelle Malkin: ‘Obamacare just killed my insurance, for the THIRD time’

ACA cheerleaders keep saying plans better now, but those saying plans ‘worse’ outnumber ‘better’ 2-to-1

Insurers moving to teensy weensy narrow networks to ‘fix’ the ACA, but Obamacare is BETTER, right?

Over 1 million Obamacare casualties to lose their plans next year. (Lying is good b/c winning is the only thing.)

Mr. President, thank you for bending the cost curve. Now please bend it back.

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