Best Campaign Message: CANCELLATIONS! (top tweets)

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With all the attention paid to rising premiums under Obamacare, you could be forgiven for thinking that price insanity is the most powerful message you have at your disposal at the moment.  However, we put out what we thought was an innocuous little tweet Thursday but it struck a chord and quickly became one of our most popular tweets ever:

1.4 million betrayed Americans receiving cancellation notices now. “You can keep your plan” – #LIARS

Twitter is an intriguing little laboratory for seeing what messages work in the real world. It’s your own little focus group. So here are other OCTS tweets on cancellations for use in your campaigns (some are from before, some will be rolled out on our Twitter feed on Monday at 8 a.m. ET):

“A Shocking Number of Obamacare Enrollees Are Set to Lose Their Plans in 2017”

So what if so many insurers are fleeing Obamacare? Millions told: ‘You Can’t Keep Your Plan’!

More plan cancellations coming. Transitional grandfathering rules expiring Oct ’16. More ‘you can keep your plan’ lies in the making.

O-admin refuses to divulge number of people cancelling Obamacare plans; will slam them into new plans

Upheaval in Colorado as 92,000 plans cancelled (3rd or 4th for some).  #YouCanKeepYourPlan

#ObamacareRoulette – switching doctors when ACA plans cancelled can interrupt medications

Obamacare Full Disclosure bill (HR 4058) would require transparency if policy cancellation due to ACA

IP4PI ‏@IP4PI May 7
Last year @HorizonBCBSNJ Cancelled our Ins to raise price. This year @Aetna cancelled our insurance to raise price. Thanks @ObamacreTrthSqd

Small biz owner hurt by #ACA – premiums doubled, deductibles tripled, plans canceled every yr. #ReaPeopleRealPain

U can flim-flam by saying ‘subsidies cover premium hikes’, but u can’t cover up 1.4 MILLION cancellation notices going out right now.

#Obamacare: Redistributing Healthcare One Cancellation at a Time

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